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Bit Voting?

Similar to a bit bar or bit cup, People vote going Cheer1 YES or Cheer1 No. I find this would be fun to do with things like "Highest bit amount wins: Pineapple on pizza, yes or no. Voting ends in an hour" Its a fun way to get people to donate using bits, and get the community engaged. Would love to help develop this. Maybe call it like Bit-o-War. Like Tug of war. 

  • ashleeeeean
  • May 11 2017
  • KyleMcCarley commented
    8 Mar, 2018 12:14am


  • Mpolley13 commented
    12 May, 2017 04:56pm


  • Drunkensai1or commented
    11 May, 2017 05:27am


  • Wolfsleigher commented
    11 May, 2017 04:14am

    This sounds fucking LIT! Hell yes! @streamlabs do it!

  • IBGamingInc commented
    11 May, 2017 04:13am

    Would love to see this happen.