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Merch Promo codes

Adding a promo code for merch (only by the streamer)

  • iiDev_Waffle
  • Aug 23 2018
  • Chris Hutchison commented
    14 Oct 04:50pm

    I have no idea why this hasn't been done yet?

  • Alex Flournoy commented
    7 Jun 02:22am

    This is a necessity

  • TG_DuAc commented
    25 Feb 02:39pm


  • SimplisticBeing commented
    25 Jun, 2019 05:43am


  • SimplisticBeing commented
    25 Jun, 2019 05:42am

    Would love to be able to send Patreons personalized codes for discounted purchases. Possibly every month through a form of automation. Should they're subscription renew, the discount code is sent out.

  • DaRk Clan Clips commented
    8 Feb, 2019 12:51am

    I agree this should be added