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Follow, Sub, and Tipathons.

So I see some streamers who do marathon streams on their channels every now and then. Similar to like a 24 hour stream, but the length of the stream is decided by the viewers. Say if they get 5 followers then they add an hour to the count. Or if they get a sub they add a half an hour to the stream etc. I have also seen on a channel where they have it to where if someone tips them, they can say to either add or subtract time from the countdown based on how much they tipped. It would be cool if this was a built in feature with Streamlabs. Give a countdown timer, and have it setup to add or subtract time based on certain variables, and maybe give people who tip the ability to add or subtract time based on the amount of their tip. Also allow streamers to decide what amount of time is added or subtracted based on follows, subs, and tips. You could even call the feature "Marathons." Would be a cool way to increase follows, subs etc. by allowing the viewers to determine the outcome of the stream to an extent. Also I think it's a great idea to have it be a feature on Streamlabs to simplify the whole process. Not sure how doable is it, but cool idea in my opinion. I feel like, were this to come to fruition as a feature offered by streamlabs, many streamers would do more marathon streams.

  • TheLunarnaut
  • Nov 21 2016
  • KitKat Paw commented
    28 Feb, 2017 12:11pm

    I was about to suggest this idea too !! More and more streamers are doing subathons or other event streams, and having a automated countdow which update itself depending on decided events would be amazing, it would help a lot by preventing us from losing ages calculating and updating our countdown so we can keep focusing on the fun part \o/