Feature Suggestions

Mutiple labels in one element

Something that would interest me a lot to have with Streamlabels (Or Event List) would be the possibility to have the list of our latest subscribers, donors etc... that are displayed one by one in a single element on our OBS scene.

Example: https://valentinbraem.s-ul.eu/ylnIAvFt

  • valentinbraem
  • Sep 7 2018
  • SouloxTV commented
    September 07, 2018 10:05

    I'm want that !!!!!!

  • Sikelio commented
    September 07, 2018 10:07

    Could be a good idea

  • TwiXyOffi commented
    September 07, 2018 10:55

    Super idea !

  • DigDugPlays commented
    September 17, 2018 14:34

    Yes, I'd love to see a file that has a "most recent" list of ALL events, so they could be scrolled across the bottom. Perhaps the last 10 or last 50 wouldn't have to be a terribly long running list.