Feature Suggestions

One box/widow for all (Things)

I like a minimalist screen layout. I have a hard enough time deciding where to put my webcam so having everything like follower goals, donation goals, bit jar... etc. is just a lot. There just isn't enough screen Real-EstateĀ imo. Therefore i'm simply suggesting you give streamers the ability to place one scene/source in obs where all the widgets can cycle through like an ad. This would allow only one area of the screen to be used, but all our stuff like follower and donation goals maybe even bits jar and alerts (maybe give the option to put alerts in if we are small streamers) can share the same screen area. Possibly allow for the cycle time period (time a widget stays on screen before it changes to the next) to be adjusted 5-30 seconds or so.

  • HuntsTheBoss
  • May 17 2017