Feature Suggestions

Credits Widget Hotkey/Auto-Play

Added a credit widget to my setup last night and realized it has NO support for activation other than tabbing around in SLOBS to find and click the "roll credits" button, which is highly inconvenient. I would like to propose the implementation of an auto-play for this widget when that scene is switched to. I would also like to see a hotkey option being added for it, being able to trigger it with the use of 1 quick key-press when scene is in focus!

  • iFantomeN
  • Sep 11 2018
  • Nosterex commented
    15 Feb, 2019 01:49am

    Agreed, an out roll of credits on change of scene would make ending a stream a lot less cumbersome. I hope this option is implemented. Cheers.

  • ChiefBones commented
    8 Feb, 2019 04:46am

    Just to put it out there, this can be done via the Elgato Streamdeck. Pretty sure it can be macro'd.

  • Dauthiatull commented
    11 Jan, 2019 03:41pm

    auto roll on scene switch would be nice

  • thecuddleleigh commented
    24 Sep, 2018 06:12am

    The ability to roll the credits from the remote control on the app would be beneficial too! Really anything to keep that delay from switching to the scene and the credits actually rolling would be perfect.