Feature Suggestions

Add a Stream Label For Hosts! Perhaps Raids Too!

Hi there! I use a cycling list of several different scrolling stream labels to show off the dozens of ways other people out there on Twitch support my stream! I feel like having some labels for hosts (and perhaps also raids) would be another way to show off more support from our community! I believe I've heard that such things are possible in Muxy Ticker and Streamelements, but since I majorly use Streamlabs and SLOBS for stream applications, an all-in-one solution would be most helpful!

Some labels that I would find useful in my own stream would be for Latest Host or Session Largest Host. If possible, Latest Raid and Session Largest Raid would be awesome as well! I've attached an image of how I would implement it to my stream! I merely have filler text in this example, but having a text file to link it to would be great!

  • SharkadeLIVE
  • Sep 15 2018