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Multiple Chat Source Links

So it would be nice is if I could have a chat box for my mixer and twitch on the same stream since i stream on both platforms. I currently just have a chat for mixer and gives the stream mixer info, this would better include twitch into my streams and make my cross-platform stream chats easier to read on one window.

  • MrPlayerYork
  • Sep 19 2018
  • Adventure_Noodle commented
    06 Jan 15:44

    I stream on both as well, I want to be able to see whatever chat I am streaming on, not JUST Twitch. Right now, all I can do is use 3rd party chat overlays and link it in Streamlabs OBS via WebSource and this can be a pain in the ass at times due to delay/lag/server issues. PLEASE integrate Mixer chat into the program.