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Streamlabs Chatbot and Loyalty Extension merge

I recently started using the Streamlabs Chatbot, previously Ankbot, for my stream. I absolutely love it so far. The main issue I'm having is that part of what turned me on to using the bot was the ability to give subs more points for watching the stream and give points based on direct donations. Since I've been using the streamlabs extension for loyalty point thus far I'm running into an issue where I can either use the extension which lacks the features I'm looking for, or use the local currency system of Streamlabs Chatbot which lacks the ability to import all the old points for my viewers from the extension. I'm in a bit of conundrum and one of two features would easily solve this issue. Either adding the ability to give points based on direct donation amounts and point multipliers to subs/regulars/mods etc. or adding the ability to import the extension points into the Streamlabs Chatbot's local point system. I'm currently pretty frustrated because I really enjoy the bot, but I don't want my viewers to lose 6 months of loyalty points earned up to this point and it would take far too long to manually change over the points.

  • Zack_Ko
  • Sep 22 2018