Feature Suggestions

End Screen and automatic stream disable

Like in Youtube videos when you have an end screen. I use a 15sec file at the end of all my videos which I can overlay cards and sub button neatly onto. Would be good to have a feature that would allow you to select a scene that would play you clip/mp4 file for example and then automatically end your stream once completed... or have a stream end button or feature attached to any scene or file that would have the option to end stream once it was done. 

The main reason I find this important is because if I have the video uploaded and saved to youtube I potentially want it to look like my other videos.. so the window is max 20secs on youtube there should be a customisable delay end stream feature.. or have the option to make a certain stream end the stream upon completion so when i say BYE to the followers i can click that scene and walk away knowing that the stream will end in 20secs for example.

  • Sep 28 2018