Feature Suggestions

Automatic Scene Switcher Based on Advanced Scene Switcher for OBS

Currently through OBS I am able to take a scene with a set duration that it will stay on the scene then return to the previous scene.

Example: I allow a viewer on Mixer to use the interactive function to check if my dog is in his chair. The camera is live for 15 seconds then returns to the scene it was on before which is different based on what game I am playing.

Currently with SLOBS, the viewer uses the interactive function and I manually return to the scene. The issue I have here is if I am unaware that the scene of my dog is hot, it could be on that scene for a while or an incredibly short amount of time.


Other possibilities include the ability to set up a sequence of automated scene switches so one could use this as an intro video or a closing to their stream.

  • j_me
  • Sep 28 2018