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Add Stream Effects Plugin to Streamlabs OBS

Add the Stream Effects Plugin to Streamlabs OBS, which allows you to apply a 3D Transform, Blur, Custom Shader and more to your scene.

Source Code: https://github.com/Xaymar/obs-stream-effects
OBS Forum: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/stream-effects.578/

  • Xaymar
  • Oct 1 2018
  • Arlieth commented
    26 Sep 12:00am

    Voting for this, I need this for transitioning from OBS to SLOBS.

  • GrimRipo commented
    28 May 02:32pm

    Yes pls )) we need it

  • Tuhin Bhuiyan commented
    21 Oct, 2019 06:18am

    Looking for this also. VERY USEFUL FEATURE!

  • RoxxyLoves commented
    21 Jul, 2019 11:50am

    Does anyone know if this has happened yet? I am interested in getting these effects to work with my SLOBS or if it works with stream elements obs live, i'll upgrade to that.