Feature Suggestions

Merchandise Store improvements

Where to start?
The merchandise store is lovely and all but for buyers it leaves a LOT to be desired.

The Problem(s):
People NOT being able to see the entire product is a BIG problem in my eyes.

Mugs are only shown from one angle even though it can wrap around the entire mug.
T-Shirts etc are only seen from the front even though you can add art on the back.

My Point of view:
I've been looking at my own merchandise and with the current preview methods i don't even consider buying a mug from a streamlabs store because i can't see the entire artwork.

My suggestions:
Add 360 degree picture capability to the preview of mugs
Allow potential buyers to check the back of shirts.

The reason:
I bet adding these suggestions will increase sales which will be a WIN for both Streamlabs AND Content Creators!

  • GeneralM13
  • Oct 3 2018