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Toggle for adding timestamps to Chat Box messages

In NightDev's KapChat Twitch chat widget, you can add custom css to the browser source in OBS to add a timestamp to chat messages to see when the message was sent. Below is the code that I currently use for it in KapChat:

.chat_line .time_stamp {
display: inline-block;

span.time_stamp {
text-shadow: 2px 2px #000000; //1px, 1px determines the location of the shadow, #000000 is the hex color code
font-weight: bold; //makes your text bold
color: #FFFFFF; //hex color code for white

This code will not work in the Chat Box. I have been told that it's likely more than just css "magic" that allows KapChat to enable time stamps. Twitch has this functionality in its stream chat and it would be helpful to those watching highlights to provide context on when certain messages were typed in chat, but I don't know of a way to do so currently.


I would like to see an option to turn on or off time stamps to Chat Box messages just like Twitch does.


This is the only thing holding me back from switching from KapChat to the Streamlabs Chat Box.

  • CardsOfTheHeart
  • Oct 7 2018