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streamlabs 32-bit

Hello how about streamlabs do on a 32-bit system so-how some users can not afford a 64-bit system!!!

  • В Гостях У Joby :3
  • Oct 7 2018
  • Jairo Rojas commented
    12 Jun, 2020 06:09pm
    necesito predicar
  • Chi11estpanda commented
    11 Jul, 2019 12:29am

    If the reason is that you can't afford a 64-bit system, then the question of how would they afford a fast enough internet connection to stream might be raised. And as an answer, those users will have to simply resort to using OBS-studio, the open-sourced software which Streamlabs is originally based on.

    The 32-bit version of OBS Studio can be found here.

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    15 May, 2019 03:09pm


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    20 Feb, 2019 02:54pm


  • allan 2.0 commented
    26 Jan, 2019 07:14pm

    ya quiero que la lancen para 32bits


  • metznation77 commented
    1 Jan, 2019 06:04pm