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Line Break

maybe a token to create linea break in alerts? for better style

  • Guest
  • Nov 23 2016
  • Tipher88 commented
    16 May 10:38pm

    I realize this is old, but you can just put <br/> exactly where you would like the break to happen. This is called a self closing tag so you don't need the opening and closing tags...just the one.

  • Wimmas_ZA commented
    14 Dec, 2017 08:03pm

    Use \n

    This will apply the line break in OBS from your stream labs labels

  • TheArrowLives commented
    1 Aug, 2017 12:53pm

    eDeneSport, the only thing I use to link streamlabs to OBS is Browser Source and I add my Stream Labs URL there and its honoring the <br> </br> tags. 


    Not sure about any other plug-ins unfortunately as I am quite new to streaming myself and still figuring a few things out. Sorry I couldn't be more help. :/

  • eDeneSport commented
    30 Jul, 2017 04:53pm

    Wait I just understood somthing, I was not talking about the alerts, but the plugin "Last Donator" and all that stuff ... :(

  • eDeneSport commented
    30 Jul, 2017 09:41am

    Ok Thx for the tips, I ll check this out tonight, but I can only answer that I m using OBS 19.0.3 (64bit, windows) for now. I let you know ;)

  • TheArrowLives commented
    30 Jul, 2017 01:25am

    eDeneSport so weird. I definitely have gotten this to work with all the alert categories from Follow to Hosts.


    I just went to every category within Stream labs and this is exactly what I have under Follows Message Template:


    {name} <br> is now following !</br>


    That so the name of the follower shows on top and the rest at the bottom. 


    The other thing you can for OBS to preview. Make sure you're using Browser Source. Keep all the defaults minus the URL.. Also try to do Refresh cache of the current page. You can also try checking off the refresh browser when scene becomes active. 


    BTW, I am using OBS 18.0.1-FTL.0.9.4 which supports FTL for Mixer. 

    Hope that helps. 

  • eDeneSport commented
    29 Jul, 2017 02:51pm

    TheArrowLives I got the same problem, but I got the same issues even if I use <br> and </br> :( any ideas ?

  • TheArrowLives commented
    15 Jul, 2017 07:28pm

    JD, not sure if you will read this, but ...  I just ran into the same issue and figured this out. You can use the <br> command the following way, for example with hosting alert:

    {name} is hosting <br> with {count} viewers! </br>


    add the </br> command afterwards to do the break. Worked for me with OBS. 

  • JD commented
    29 Mar, 2017 12:29am

    This seems to not work for some reason. When I, at least, do this, the line break shows in the preview, but in the actual OBS preview, it refuses to acknowledge what <br> means, and shows the tag itself without actually applying the break like it should be doing. I have tried to edit the txt file manually, and it does succeed for a moment, but then it reverts itself back to what it was before. It's actively refusing to allow me to do this. What are we doing wrong?

  • Admin
    Stream labs commented
    16 Dec, 2016 08:49pm

    You can use <br> in the alert message text in your settings.