Feature Suggestions

Cloud Source Icon and Auto Relinking of Local Sources

If I have SLOBS open while I tweak and save a source in third party software (like Photoshop), sometimes SLOBS will think the source has disappeared and it restores it to the cloud backup that gets downloaded to the roaming folder.

This happens in the background and there's no indication that it's happened. If I tweak the asset further, the newest asset isn't used because the source is no longer linked to my live version.

I'd like to propose an icon in the sources pane for when a source is linked to a cloud restored asset in the roaming folder. Something as simple as an asterisk or a little cloud icon.

I'd also like SLOBS to not replace the path to an asset in the sources pane, and just have a warning that it's linked to a cloud copy, while also occasionally polling the original path to automatically restore to the original asset if it sees it reappear.

  • ManedCalico
  • Oct 16 2018