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Make T-Shirts cheaper like Printful, Spreadshirt and Redbubble

I am a rather small affiliate community and I really just want my viewers to wear some cool merch. Shops like Printful and Spreadshirt have SO many options that are affordable. Why are these so expensive? It is almost 60 dollars for a sweater. I would love to see some options that are cheaper. Just. Cheaper. There are SO many options so much cheaper than Streamlabs Merch right now it. 

  • Slowy
  • Nov 1 2018
  • Already exists
  • haroldhulbert commented
    4 Sep 11:39am

    I used to purchased printed shirted from Reecoupons, They are very reliable and cheaper in prices. Recently I ordered 50 T-shirts from there with my company logo and my staff loves the gift.

  • JonVonZombie commented
    17 Nov, 2018 08:30pm

    I use to work for a local print shop.  We could print 1 on demand at the same cost of printing 25 on demand.  We kept the price low for both.  The only reason we cut deals on 25 or more is that we wanted the business and while the profit margin was lower we made more cause we sold more.

  • Grizz1y_Bear commented
    9 Nov, 2018 01:51am

    it may be expensive because of how they print it. a lot of places have it set as you need like 25 shirt orders before they will print. to help keep expenses down. but streamlabs will print each one individually so no one has to wait until a certain amount is reach. but doiing single prints make stuff more expensive