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Turn off autofocus on ipad

it is the most frequent request / complaint on my stream. I stream creative on twitch painting miniatures and being able to fix the focus would be a massive advantage ....

  • 19silent79
  • Nov 8 2018
  • deathwatch2020 commented
    November 08, 2018 10:17

    auto focus is an annoying function and it dose not help the quality of streams.

  • Technokat commented
    November 08, 2018 10:43

    Needs to be fixed.  i cant believe this hasnt been addressed yet.   Especially since its already on android.

  • FlikstRR commented
    November 08, 2018 11:16

    Manual focus is a requirement for proper creative streaming as the medium being used and the colors can affect the camera's response..  plus the artist's hands entering the frame can also throw off the focus. 

  • HelloMandyBee commented
    December 16, 2018 18:56

    Yes, this is absolutely necessary for creative streaming.

  • bigfoot_kitty commented
    December 20, 2018 20:26

    So what exactly is your idea? Do you want software detection to automatically set your device camera to manual?  Which would be some setting in streamlab for each user of the software to configure? I'm not much of an apple product user, but doesn't that ability already exist on the device itself?

    I'm just looking to clairify what this new idea would entail, what is "The ask"?

  • 19silent79 commented
    December 26, 2018 08:21

    The idea/ ask is to have the option to turn off autofocus on the streamlabs iPad app ....