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StreamLabels - Pull Most_Recent_*.txt data from event log instead of API

Currently, Stream Labels has the issue of having a significant delay when processing Most_Recent events like Most_Recent_Followers.  It's pulling data from the Twitch API instead of reading the data from the Event Log, causing a very noticeable delay, sometimes by several minutes, between when an event happens (new follow, sub, cheer, etc.) and when it can display on the overlay.

I reported it as an issue here: https://support.streamlabs.com/hc/en-us/requests/136120

I'd like to have the option for Most_Recent_*.txt event data to be pulled from the event log [at the very least while the program is actively running] so they're updated more in real-time in my OBS overlay.

  • Zensunim
  • Nov 9 2018