Feature Suggestions

SLOBS for Linux

As a long time Linux user, I have used OBS quite extensively. Running SLOBS on my Windows box makes me wish it was on my Linux rig which in the near future will become my only rig. It would be ideal to have SLOBS on Linux. There are many ways to release it. It could be a SNAP package or a FLATPAK package or even better, an APPIMAGE.

Ideally, it would also have JACK Audio support. Most audio production software under Linux (and some on Mac) support the usage or require the usage of JACK Audio. JACK Audio enables the ability to use high end gear and route audio to anywhere you wish. http://www.jackaudio.org/

While the current Market share for Linux is at 2% of desktop users, the Linux share is growing and being as Valve released Proton for Linux, it is expected that more gamers will make the jump to Linux. An added benefit is that by and large, our processors work better under Linux and the resource usage is much much better. For example, the Threadripper CPUs perform several steps ahead on Linux over Windows.

Thus, it would be awesome to have a version for Linux users.

  • KRDaemon
  • Nov 9 2018