Feature Suggestions

Allow us to create our own "Roles" and have them assignable within Permissions.

Create a new tab for "Roles" where we can create our own roles and assign them to viewers. This would be a great way for us to categorize/organize our viewers. It would also be a great way to improve permissions. For example, if I created a "Patreon" role and assigned that to various viewers, I could then make it so that certain commands in chat are only permissible to the "Patreon" role.

  • TheLevelUpShow
  • Nov 9 2018
  • banrionjackie commented
    29 Mar 14:33

    To piggy back off of this idea, another default permission role that I think should be added is for VIPs & Mods but not Subscribers. VIPs were intended to be a bridge between Subscribers and Mods where they have mostly the same permissions as a Mod but without the power to influence chat with bans or timeouts.