Feature Suggestions

mixer sparks and streamboss

you should add values of sparks used in a channel to take away points from the streamboss widget.  I dont have a breakdown for this idea, maybe a 1 for 1 deal and the streamers can adjust the streamboss health accordingly.

  • OldSaltyGrandpa
  • Nov 20 2018
  • iTriple commented
    8 Jul, 2019 05:29am

    Ye this is a great idea!

  • CtrlAltPxl commented
    19 May, 2019 04:37pm

    I can't express how amazing this would be!!!  Being fully integrated with sparks and embers would be ideal!!!  

  • AmbroseUK commented
    4 Feb, 2019 01:25pm

    As soon as I saw the streamboss feature I instantly thought Mixer sparks should be usable.