Feature Suggestions

Make Default Chatbox Themes / Settings CSS Available

I think that we should have access to the CSS / HTML / JS of all default chatbox themes such as Boxed, Chunky, etc. At present when custom CSS is turned on (in the dashboard), the CSS shown when enabling custom CSS is always the same, not updating to reflect the settings chosen such as default themes or other settings. The default custom CSS also does not appear to match ANY of the available themes at all, and it even scrolls in the complete opposite direction.  If more of the default CSS is available, it would make it significantly easier to create customized chatbox themes / styles by having examples to tweak as a base, or allow minor adjustments such as simply changing the font, scroll direction, alignment, etc. The nicest implementation of this would be a button to generate / populate the custom CSS / HTML / JS pages using the current settings, allowing easy access to it.

  • NFinET
  • Dec 2 2018