Feature Suggestions

Donation CryptoCurrency for JSECoin

i thinking of thy should have a donation for JSECoin. 

JSECoin new Platform using Etherum ERC-20 and they have own personal API for it but I would love to see this integration since like Mining PC and send donations but JSECoin is Lighter Program to Mine on 1 core CPU, 1gb ram, 500mb and ETC like even Potato PC can mine this.

but As a donation, we need to call out our own Personal APIKEY so the donation can Proceed. and 169 JSE is $0.59 so Easy make money but Right now no Trading System convert it yet but there will be 1 very soon for it.

Link site: https://jsecoin.com <-- i would say add this in and let Free Tips comes alone and support your JSE

  • chisdealhd
  • Dec 4 2018