Feature Suggestions

Enhancing the Loyalty System


I'm loving the idea of the Loyalty system and looking forward to test it.

It makes it possible to have two currencies from this and the Streamlabs chatbot, very convenient in my case. However some features could definetely improve the whole system:


- Customize the amount of points earned by regulars (based on hours or points, just like in streamlabs). Some rewards may be more "special" and shouldn't be able to be redeemed by anyone being in the chat for one stream.

- Customize the amount of points earned by subscribers

- Have a unique alert for each reward (for example each reward trigger a gif+sound which matches the reward itself)

- Being able to preview all these alerts (I believe it's not currently possible to preview the redemption alert, aka test it)

- Even if the idea is to have freedom from the chat commands, I would still recommand a way to use a command !currencyname in the chat. Some people are using other means to watch streams and will not be able to access to the overlay I believe. This could be a on/off feature.

EDIT: We could also add a cooldown on the rewards, maybe some of them should be redeemed only once per stream/week/month etc. In my case, choosing a playthrough, or make me drink a glass of wine. 

 EDIT: Make it possible to NOT receive points while the stream is offline!

As an old user of Revlo, this system is definetely helpful and will help me bring back some stream bonus and features I used to have.


I wasn't able to fully test the feature, it's in progress, so more feedback could be shared later on.


Thanks for reading!

  • Drayuu
  • Dec 5 2018