Feature Suggestions

Seats for Certain People (Only these people can talk in chat)

I find that if you were to get big on youtube or twitch, you would no longer keep of look at the chat anymore due to how crazy it gets. I would find that having seats that certain people can occupy, would help keep that to a minimum. People occupying the seats will be among the few people who appear in the chat displayed during the stream.


I'm hopping that you can make certain groups of people appear in chat for example; The top biggest fans, the oldest subscribers, newest subscribers, highest donors, first person(that joined the stream). You can chose how many of these people would be included. Having somewhere near 5 people total in the chat, or 100+. It would be nice if there be the (for example) highest donor in the stream (at the moment) and when someone who surpasses them were to join, they would be taken over.


You could have them reserved for; the top 3 highest donors, the top 6 biggest fans, ect...


I think this would be a great Idea for big streamers and would better help people feel less forgotten and long lost.

  • Uggles
  • Jun 15 2017