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Saving Multiple Stream Keys (Twitch, YouTube)

It's a pretty inconvenient problem to have to copy-paste your Stream Key every time you switch stream sites...if I put in my Twitch key it should save that to *Twitch* and allow me to save YouTube's key to *YouTube*  

Right now SLOBS only saves the last key you used no matter which stream service you're currently selecting

  • Vidya★James
  • Dec 8 2018
  • Dakota Heninger commented
    January 11, 2019 22:34

    You need to log out of your Streamlabs OBS and login to the correct platform. For example, if you are wanting to stream to Twitch, login to SLOBS with your twitch credentials. If you want to stream on Youtube, login with your Youtube credentials. That will switch the key over for you.You need to do that anyway to make sure you are getting the alerts from the correct place.