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Adding Viewer counter widget to count couple services

Thank you team for all good things that you made, that`s make streaming more simple and better!
I`m streaming for two platforms as YouTube and Twitch in one time (restreaming), but i found that ViewerCounter widget doesn`t catch viewers for one of this services (i dont remember what service is that, but this is not point).
So my idea is that SLOBS team try to make counter for couple services (not like now for example (Twitch 6/ YouTube 0). Thats would be greate becasue when viewers of each platform could know that they aren`t alone in chat they can try to comunicate with each other.

P.S. my sorry for my english, but I know that you may undestand my idea!
With best wishes for all team! Thanks :)

  • whatifnotgames
  • Dec 9 2018
  • Jouvik commented
    February 17, 2019 12:31

    i have same problem :(    counter show only twitch viewers :( youtube  show 0  :(