Feature Suggestions

Increase # of event list items shown from 10 to 20 (or higher)

I would love it if the max # of items shown the event list shows could be increased from 10-20 (or higher). That would be awesome for streams that have full size cameras scenes and would like to show the event list from top to bottom and want to show more then 10 at a time. Thank you!

  • BadBadRobot
  • Jun 16 2017
  • Sarimoko commented
    7 Jun, 2018 10:11pm

    I too need more events for my event list. I need 2-3 more to get the list to drop behind the foreground image. I'm assuming there's people that would need even more than me like 20-25.


    I've tried searching the css and done some googling/redit looking for custom css to change the Max Event. Anyone know of a way to bypass the websites UI slider?

  • RichardOnRetro commented
    2 Aug, 2017 01:52am

    Agreed. This would be very helpful.