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Closed Captions Widget

An increasing number of streamers are adding closed captions to their streams using Web Captions to increase accessibility for their viewers. However, setting them up can get a little tedious as they currently need to be added as a window capture and cropped, and then also resized every single stream.

Adding a Closed Captions widget to SLOBS would make adding closed captions to streams so much easier for streamers which in turn would mean more and more streams would have increased accessibility for those with hearing issues or that simply prefer to read rather than listen (like our beloved viewers that lurk at work).

EDIT: For preference it would be great for Streamlabs to work with Web Captions to develop an awesome widget. Please DO NOT use Windows Speech to Text - it's awful.

  • Vandalized
  • Dec 29 2018
  • MeteorMatt commented
    03 Jan 05:51

    Would love a CC widget that viewers can turn on/off

  • snugibun commented
    08 Jan 15:23

    This should NOT be using windows speech to text. Which is something that is by default in obs/twitch. This is extremely outdated and unusable technology. The amount of casters who already use the service that WebCaptioner https://webcaptioner.com/ provides is monumental. I have been gathering continuous data on this and work closely with the Deaf and Hard of hearing community. http://bit.ly/2QKjpHG there are several things that would go into making the captions best for those who use them. If you need any help with this feel free to contact me.