Feature Suggestions

Allow Twitch Editors to listen and edit song request queues

Imagine you've got a song request set up by Streamlabs chatbot, but you've either got a moderator who you pretty much NEED to filter through the whole set. Well, how are they supposed to do that, if they can't log in via streamlabs chatbot and access the song requests (only if they're a twitch stream editor or moderator)? 

What I'm requesting, is the allowance to log in via the song request feature, so that a moderator can listen to, and also skip/moderate the queue list themselves.


But in my context, my wife and I stream together. We would like to be able to both hear the music at the same time, without sharing headphones. Please add this feature, so that me and my wife, and also moderators for our, and other people's stream to be able to access the song requests.


This feature will allow Streamlabs song request feature to be superior to the likes of Moobot. Without this feature, I can't move over to Streamlabs (literally streamlabs chatbot does EVERYTHING except song requests the way I'd like). 

  • Floodwing
  • Dec 30 2018
  • wrath0r commented
    4 Feb, 2019 01:59am

    At a minimum, we need to be able to remove songs from the request queue via the script API. From there, someone can develop an interface.