Feature Suggestions

Add Superchat Donations to Streamlabels

Currently Streamlabels only makes files for streamlabs donations and doesn't offer anything for superchat donations. I would love for Streamlabels to have all of the same files that it makes for regular streamlabs donations available for superchat as well. It would also be nice to have separate files that combine the regular donations with the superchat donations so all of the donations can be in one place if you need them to be.

We use Streamlabels to list the top 5 donators at the top of the stream and we feel the fact that list doesn't include our top superchat donators isn't fair (and also a little confusing) to our viewers that donate a lot via superchat. 

Although we prefer streamlabs for donations, it seems as though a lot of our viewers refuse to use anything other than superchat and I think the same goes for most YouTube streamers so a lot of people would really benefit from this.

  • TeraBrite Games
  • Jun 19 2017