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Use an actual eSports Cryptocurrency as donation method!

Hey eSports & gaming community!

The eByte team is creating an cryptocurrency as well as a blockchain aligned to the needs of gaming.

Therefore the eByte cryptocurrency could be used as a donation method.

A main part of our vision is the fair and secure compensation of streamers.
eByte already partners with more than 100 projects of the gaming area including all types of games as well as several online shops that will accept eByte as a payment method for their services & goods.

All partners are shown here: eByte Website

The official eByte token is already in use as price money for several eSports tournaments.

Moreover with SarazarLP a famous german streamer already joined the project.

Our vision is to establish to combine the power of blockchain and gaming in one decentralized ecosystem including a separate blockchain with various features.


=> Check out the full eByte vision: Intro video


All information is also available on our website!

Thank you very much!


eByte team

  • eByteTimsn
  • Jan 2 2019