Feature Suggestions

Multiple Entries for Giveaway

Id love it if there was a way for someone to enter the giveaway more than once, if its a ticket based system, why cant somone enter the giveaway when its open and then enter it again later on to increase their chances?  For example, i would open the giveaway to the chat, and during that period they can type the command in and recieve 1 ticket per command, then close the entries for a period, and re-open it, etc.. Maybe a cool down timer could be used also to help people from spamming the command, but this would encourage people to stay tuned and to keep increasing their tickets for the giveaway.  if i ran a month long giveaway, id love for people to enter more than once, it would keep them interested throughout the entire giveaway.

  • remmylebo
  • Jan 3 2019