Feature Suggestions

Redundant Commands

In short, allow for there to be two instances of a command. For instance, the command !boop exists. There are three instances of !boop in streamlabs chatbot. If one instance is enabled, all others will be disabled to prevent conflicts immediately by design.


This is useful because it allows for quick updates of commands at a toggle. For instance- limited time recurring events in the middle of a stream can be announced at the drop of a hat. One real world example- Smash Ultimate arenas. Normally requiring an ID and password, streamers use bots to display that information at a command. Redundant commands however would allow toggling between two statements from the bot as they're relevant- For instance, instance 1 enabled provides the information as is, while instance 2, when toggled, can simply state that the arena is closed if the stream happens to be winding down for the night.


There are probably other uses, but that's one niche example.

  • Azrhi
  • Jan 11 2019