Feature Suggestions

2-PC-Streaming option

So mutch streamer use a seperat PC only for better CPU-performance. You can make it easier, to connect it (with LAN) to a second PC. Maybe a program extra for the convertering the stream. 

  • BarkasHannibal
  • Jan 11 2019
  • KirT4sH commented
    15 Jan 18:27

    I have almost all the hardware of the second PC and i will be forced to go back to OBS. It would be so good if you could do something about this,

  • Floooo commented
    17 Jan 10:29

    NDI Plugin is for this. But many people have Problems with Laggs on their Streaming PC's. I have the same Problem with laggs on my Streaming PC & i wait for a fix from NDI Devs :(

  • Darkur commented
    31 Jan 10:24

    there is this NDI plugin and i can help you with that if you want, just message me and i'll help!

  • Xylber commented
    05 Jun 08:12

    NDI plugin works perfect and it easy to use (but it will take a couple of hours to set up both computers and scenes)