Feature Suggestions

Allowing Global Hotkeys To Passthrough with Chatbot Focused

For those who utilize hotkeys to manage their streaming experience, I run into issues where hotkeys fail to execute solely because Streamlabs Chatbot holds the focus. It is the only app in my streaming arsenal that disallows it, so automation cannot happen behind the scenes if I'm using the chatbot. 

The current rationale behind preventing it is because "it's built so that you don't accidentally trigger a bunch of hotkeys by typing in chat", but in general, hotkeys are chosen so that it doesn't impact typing (inclusion of alt/shift/control with numbers/letters, or using F1-F12, etc). Also, as said before, this is the only app that I use that disables the use of global hotkeys whilst it holds the focus, so not too sure if this limitation is an app standard or an outlier, but please allow global hotkeys to passthrough, so that "losing focus" shouldn't be a workaround for streaming workflows.




  • Jeff
  • Jan 11 2019