Feature Suggestions

Updating The Donation Ticker For More Events

I love the Donation Ticker, it can be used in overlays for every streaming platform as it is set on Streamlabs Donations. However, this falls short for myself and many smaller streamers on Twitch as the main ways we earn donations are through subscriptions and bits.

I realize that these are already implemented in other SLOBS widgets, such as Stream Label and the Event List. However, this would be an amazing upgrade for the ticker system, as streamers would be able to minimize space used for all their different types of donations, as well as make multiple tickers, each with their own use for a different section of the stream (E.g.1 for all donations and merchandise purchases, 1 for hosts/raids, 1 for new followers)

Even if it is updated to cover all types of donations, it would be much more useful on the Twitch platform as a whole, as well as other streaming platforms as they add more ways to support streamers. New overlay styles and more ways to give thanks to donating supporters would come from this update.

  • Chimchart
  • Jan 18 2019