Feature Suggestions

Average viewer count goal

Since reaching 75 average viewers is a requirement for reaching Twitch Partner, I would like to have this goal displayed on my stream, possibly with a customisable trend display (up/down arrow, configurable over time like last hour, last 7 days or something).  My regulars and supporters would realise their watching is helping me reach it, and other viewers may be encouraged to stay seeing their effect on the number. 

  • ActualKiwi
  • Jan 18 2019
  • jerredkincaid commented
    09 Jun 03:46

    this is a great idea and i would love to see this as a widget!

  • Chi11estpanda commented
    11 Jul 14:05

    this is a novel idea, if they can't add it into streamlabs I'll consider looking into Twitch API's to see if we can turn it into an extension xD

  • moopod commented
    15 Jul 01:09

    Hey, I also am trying to reach a certain number of average viewers and would like the goal to replace my follower goal since i have already met the criteria for followers, but still need a few average viewers. I think it would be really nice for me and my viewers to see this progress because they keep asking me if i got the achievement yet... please add a widget just like the follower goal, but instead for average viewers.