Feature Suggestions

Credits Improvement

Hey! I really like the credits feature, coz showcases all the supporters of the stream at the end of the stream, while running ads, pretty sick.

I have one suggestion tho.
Currently the credits are based on pulling the data from the current session. That is not intuitive, because if you've streamed for 5-6 hours and last 15 mintues before you close the stream you get a disconnect, the session restarts and you get nothing on the credits, except the "mods" which are usually the bots.
I would like to suggest, if it's possible to choose a range or date of rolling the credits.
Example: Next to "Roll Credits Live" you can add a day selector, like "Saturday" or "Today/Yesterday/Custom" or something, so it pulls the data for the day that you like to showcase.
I am really fan of the feature, but at the moment it doesn't make sense to me, since I get restart every 12 hours (automatically by the ISP, coz of dynamic IP change), and I never get to show my supporters :/

Thank you for considering and supporting this awesome project!

  • Umren
  • Jan 20 2019
  • RawXtv commented
    June 22, 2019 23:06

    I'd love more options on the Credit roll too! <3