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API Streamlabels datamining Chatters for Credits

So... in Streamlabs there is a feature which allows you to roll Credits at the end of your stream.

I would love if this was able to show "Active Chatters".


The above is the API for getting "viewers" for each sessions. Which may also be a nice feature (not so much for those wanting to lurk without being noticed). But I would love a way to "thank" people for chatting in my new channel by putting it in the Credits of each stream.

How it has been done by another developer:



Possibly also good .txt files for labels:

Top chatters https://discuss.dev.twitch.tv/t/top-chatters-in-twitch/10469

New chatters https://discuss.dev.twitch.tv/t/ritual-new-chatter-is-not-being-sent/17878

Nightbot forums seem to show that they are able to datamine this data:





Though in a limited capacity, ie, unable to be filtered.

As the other developers have been able to provide the information in a large datamined list https://stats.streamelements.com/c/sirenwatcher I would imagine there was a way to constrict this data per session in a Labels .txt file... I hope :hugs:.

Other referenced material:



This feature of course would have to cross reference your twitch channel's banned list. So that when you ban a bot, it fails to show up in the .txt file.

  • sirenwatcher
  • Jan 27 2019