Feature Suggestions

"Sets" of alerts that you can easily swap between for events

Isn't it a pain to activate/deactivate ALL your specific alerts for events? Especially painful when you forget to swap or turn off something and suddenly your ear hears the piercing cries of a lady in distress receiving a donation when you realize you're not playing Resident Evil anymore, but Stardew Valley. 

It'd be nice to have the option to add particular alert variations to a list that as a whole can be triggered for activation or deactivation at one time for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, scary streams, etc. So you A) won't miss swapping an alert, B) special streams more fun with alert variations with ease of access. 

This affects and would be beneficial to streamers of all types.

  • justEveris
  • Jan 28 2019
  • Diff3RentBreed commented
    29 Jan 00:42

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Similar to what Muxy does. Have separate links for the sets of alerts. That way I can change my OBS scene and have new alerts. It'll allow me to customize the experience. Have a certain set of alerts while playing a game and a set of alerts while waiting for a lobby.