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Allow real-time remote access to stream settings for trusted people

Hi there,

I moderate on Twitch for a streamer which has to sync audio sources and mix while playing guitar and singing along, which can't be done simultaneously. I'd like to see the addition of the ability to let trusted people/ moderators remotely tweak settings (e.g. audio) in realtime from over the internet, so streamer can keep doing their thing, while someone else is in charge of the settings.


  • Deformance
  • Jan 29 2019
  • sniper_tivus commented
    February 05, 2019 21:18

    just wanted to say good idea 


    id also like to add im vote num 69 

  • PentaDragon_ commented
    February 08, 2019 15:36

    Great Idea. This would benefit a lot of musician streams, as well as intense gaming streams, All for it!

  • HvyLeadMark commented
    February 27, 2019 21:03

    This would be a huge help with touring and mobile streamers, who may not always have a producer on the road!  Great Idea!

  • PHNX commented
    March 01, 2019 05:37

    This could be a great mod tool to give a streamer a "headphone monitor only" alert letting them know that there is something in chat that needs their attention.

  • spankerPrime commented
    March 06, 2019 13:30

    You can sort of do this with the SLOBS Remote app, which can be linked using a URL rather than the QR code.  It's a dangerously capable app, though, as it can switch scenes or even end the stream, so be careful!

  • ScuubZ commented
    March 13, 2019 15:02

    This could also work for live podcasters. No limits to this one really! Cheaper than getting a live, inline mixer to monitor everything as well.

  • adracamas commented
    March 19, 2019 16:35

    This is an excellent idea!

  • magballs commented
    July 09, 2019 18:52

    Good idea!

  • Chi11estpanda commented
    July 13, 2019 12:48

    This would also work great for IRL travel streamers who might be broadcasting to an RTMP server that is then picked up by their PC and then shown as the main input and broadcast to Twitch, requiring web remote access to control the stream. The example I'm thinking of is primarily because they don't have their overlays on the mobile app and wishes to stream first to their PC and have it added as a scene to broadcast to Twitch. Allowing Editor level moderators access would severely assist the streamer with addressing scene switches when they lose video connection but the PC is still streaming a frozen video image.