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Allow real-time remote access to stream settings for trusted people

Hi there,

I moderate on Twitch for a streamer which has to sync audio sources and mix while playing guitar and singing along, which can't be done simultaneously. I'd like to see the addition of the ability to let trusted people/ moderators remotely tweak settings (e.g. audio) in realtime from over the internet, so streamer can keep doing their thing, while someone else is in charge of the settings.


  • Deformance
  • Jan 29 2019
  • sniper_tivus commented
    05 Feb 21:18

    just wanted to say good idea 


    id also like to add im vote num 69 

  • PentaDragon_ commented
    08 Feb 15:36

    Great Idea. This would benefit a lot of musician streams, as well as intense gaming streams, All for it!