Feature Suggestions

SMS donations with Streamlabs! :)

Hello guys! I want to suggest that in some future if it is posibble streamlabs add SMS donations (carrier subscription) like an option next to the many others, it would help other younger population who watch livestreams and other things we create to join and share some love and support for their creators they like, its fastest way and almost anyone can afford it, this days everyone has phone :D love u guys <3

  • Ksoma
  • Jan 30 2019
  • HolyBrate commented
    30 Jan 14:43

    As a fellow streamer, from Balkan where, a lot of people do not have credit cards, PayPal etc but still do want to support our work, this would be such a great idea. I hope that steamlabs will take this idea into consideration and this idea will be established in the near future. Cheers! 

  • Tilted commented
    30 Jan 14:59

    This would be amazing :D