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Chat Logging

Like Chatbot, Nightbot, and others, I would like to be able to go back through my chat log after a stream. If Chatbot could log and export chat to a dated, locally saved .txt file, it would really help out with remembering who said what in chat, retrieving links to look at after the stream, etc.

  • StellarKoala
  • Jan 30 2019
  • Already exists
  • avalovespurple commented
    13 Aug, 2020 04:04am

    II’m typing on mobile, and for some reason my text is invisible until I post. That should be “file size, not “staircase”. I’m not sure how my phone drew that conclusion. Anyway, carry on. Thanks.

  • avalovespurple commented
    13 Aug, 2020 04:01am

    Rather than implementing this as function of a separate bot, or exporting to a .txt file, just make it native to the OBS, and viewable in the client chat box. Admittedly, this may be possible with a text file, and I simply lack the understanding of how the chat applet works. As for staircase, it can’t possibly take up that much space. This idea is something I thought of as I was being readied this evening, and was so fortunate enough to have a few subs come in at the same time. I wanted to thank them all through discord, but but wa worried jybstream might have a problem (as is often the case. And here we are. Great suggestion though.

  • Darknisfan1995 commented
    4 Feb, 2020 10:54pm

    That would be awesome if they implement it inside the chatbot or cloudbot and to save a lot of Storage they should make it easy to download so they just have to save maby 3days and delete it automaticly after that time^^ if we can download it after the stream there is no need to set up much storage :3