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Switching Between Profiles (Using Hotkeys)

I was wondering if there was a way to set a hot key (or more preferably if there was a way to do this on the elgato stream deck) that allows me to be able to change the profile I’m on. I’m not trying to change the scenes in a profile. (such as be right back to intermission or to live) I want to be able to change which profile I’m on. (Such as a game profile for csgo to a different game profile for gta v) I have tried just changing which scene I was on from one profile to another. (Such as going from gta v -> stream ending soon to csgo -> stream starting soon) It starts to work and it does switch over to the correct profile (I use the stream deck to do this) but then it ends up crashing and the slobs app closes. My goal is to be able to do everything on my elgato stream deck, and changing profiles is one of the last things I am having trouble on getting to work. If there is a hot key that lets me do this, I can still set my stream deck to enable that hot key and it will work the same way. If there is not a current way to do this, I recommend adding it in the next update as it will be very useful for users.

  • ColtonCapps
  • Feb 3 2019
  • ColtonCapps commented
    12 Feb 14:29

    Guess I’m the only one that wants this?

  • woodyAUS commented
    03 Jul 21:19

    gotta say Im looking for this Right now.. im happy with most of my stuff linked, but looking to get 1 account separate means a long winded log in and out just to swap over :(