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Support for .mov alerts and .mp4

If you guys could please just make it to where you could upload .mp4 or .mov files to the StreamLabs alert Cloud. I find it very frustrating that out of all the video formats that you guys chose the .webm format. Which is very frustrating because that is literally one of the only formats AE [which is like they most used thing for motion design] can't export to. Maybe you guys could just allow you to pick from any file type on the desktop for the alerts instead of just restricting us to .GIF and .wemb for StreamLabs alerts. The only reason that i could see you guys doing this is to save the person from using to much cloud storage maybe? but i don't know why you guys have it set that way if that is the reason then ill pay like monthly for more storage or maybe you could not upload it to the could and maybe just use whats on your'e desktop the reason i don't like .gif and .Webm for the alerts system is cause my idea was to add my green animated overlay when someone donates on top of my red animated overlay but it won't work cause of these problems with both. .Webm is pretty bad looking and almost impossible to render to without transparency .GIF very compressed also again hard to render without transparency.


The sad part is i have wanted this for so long and i'm sure so do other people i'm a graphic/motion designer and this would be SUPER Awesome! Such a small powerful addition to such an amazing program. Don't know if this is at all possible but you guys can pretty much do anything so i have a ton of faith that you guys could do this.

  • sqbe
  • Feb 9 2019
  • merrilygraceful commented
    12 Feb 04:25

    Not all computers can render such images. Thoughts?

  • merrilygraceful commented
    12 Feb 04:32

    "If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it. Pull yourself together. There's nothing to it. Suddenly you feel like someone new. You can learn to do it too."