Feature Suggestions

slobs remote integration with slobs integrated chatbot

So we all know there is an integrated slobs chatbot that exists in very limited functionality, and more of it is in the works.

Which is super amazing, because I feel like some of the standalone chatbot features are mostly obsolete nowadays with all the additions and newer/better versions of features integrated on the streamlabs website/slobs.

Sound files(basically alert sounds), and give away features, and media sharing is another recent good example. 
Slobs integrated chatbot would no doubt, be a welcome cleaner, better, newer version of the standalone. 

One thing on the new cleaner version in slobs that i noticed was missing or at least not mentioned is the slobs remote standalone script that was made, so you could set up commands for mods or certain rank/roles to be able to change scenes for you, or able to access a replay like feature or whatever may be the case. 

I was thinking this would be a really good addition to the integrated bot, especially since the new chatbot is already directly integrated into slobs it should be even easier to make it work.

  • KodamaGames
  • Feb 9 2019