Feature Suggestions

Allow Each Scene Collection to have its own Alerts

As the way Alerts work now they are fine. However when you change Scene's to a new overlay from the Scene Collection the Alerts from the previous overlay are still there. I think that it would be good for everyone because it would cut down on setup time between streams or games because you wouldn't have to manually change each alert.

In Snapshot 1, is where all my overlay scenes are. The way it will work is that whenever I swap to a different scene in Snapshot 1 from my Scene Collection, then in Snapshot 2 there should be a "tab" for all my scenes under the Alertbox section of Widgets. All I would need to do would be to select the "tab" I want and select Save Settings and the Alerts for that tab should be applied to my Current Scene.

**(The way it is now is, if I select a new scene in Snapshot 1, then in Snapshot 2, I have to manually go through EACH section, Follow, Subscription, Donation, etc. and swap the animations, sounds, text colors, etc. vs the idea I am submitting)**

  • dbellboiplayz
  • Feb 11 2019